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Our approach to serving clients

Each of our client service divisions is headed by an experienced business-oriented professional who is responsible for co-ordination of all services that we provide to each client. This partner has the authority to commit all the necessary financial and human resources of our firm, from any location, to meet our client’s needs. This provides our clients with a single line of communication with our firm and a gateway to our superior resources. It is the single most differentiating factor about our approach to serving clients.
Our principle objective is to provide business advice of the highest quality. Our range of services is geared towards adding value and helping our clients to grow and prosper in tomorrow’s world. Apart from audit and accounting services, we also provide services in areas of management consultancy, investigations, acquisitions/merger assistance, taxation, insolvency/receivership, and both listed and unlisted placings on the stock market.
All of our partners, executives and staff practice under common professional, ethical and independence standards. We utilize common methodologies that integrate risk and business analysis with statistical techniques and computer tools, to enable us deliver high quality work. We use sophisticated and innovative approaches and state of the art technology.
Our management consulting practice is one of the largest among the consultancy and financial advisory firms. We work with clients to develop practical solutions to business and policy issues. A wide range of management consultancy services can be provided, with specialist groups dealing with different functional areas such as:

Information Services: strategy, cost-effectiveness studies, Information Engineering Services, implementation support, security services, operational research, database technology / methodology advice, and telecommunications

Strategy: privatization, strategy development, public sector policy studies, executive agency development, industry / competitive analysis, and economic studies

Organization: strategy diagnosis, competitively analysis, industrial market studies, identity  diagnosis, mergers and acquisitions, organization reviews and restructuring

Human Resources: pay and rewards, human resources strategy, quality management, training, employment relations, executive search and selection

Financial Management: boardroom support and executive information systems, management accounting, cost management / reduction, financial and treasury related services

Operations: engineering management, distribution, transportation, operational reviews and improvements, productivity / efficiency, indirect costs and overhead reduction

Public Sector Accounting: public budgeting / funding, project management, and audit of utilization of public resources in development projects

We have extensive experience in working with Community Institutions, European and USA firms, and public administrations across the range of our consultancy services.
Our firm serves a wide variety of clients including airlines, oil companies, financial institutions, insurance underwriters, construction companies, general trading organizations and catering companies. We are able to carry out assignments in Arabic, English and French according to the requirements of our clients.


A)  Audit & accounting services

We are one of the leading firms of auditors and accountants in Egypt. We have been practicing in Egypt since 1976 and employ a total of approximately 57 personnel, who are largely licensed accountants registered in Egypt.
Our extensive experience, expertise and depth of resources are fully channeled towards adding credibility to our clients’ financial statements, and finding solutions to the challenges they face. 
B)  Non-audit proffessional services

Apart from auditing, we provide the following additional professional services.
Tax Services
Our tax practice is considered to be one of the strongest in Egypt. Our reputation in tax practice is built on a solid foundation and is known for its integrity and high quality services. Our tax experts will work with you to minimize tax burdens and maximize incentives.
We provide the following services to both local and international clients

Regular, well informed and relevant advice on any significant tax matters which may    affect our client’s tax returns
Corporate tax consulting and planning;
Tax consulting in specialized areas such as salary tax, sales tax, stamp tax, social insurance, and customs
Assistance and advise  in answering queries raised by the Egyptian Tax Authorities and representing clients on taxation matters with a view to obtaining final tax clearance
Preparing / reviewing client’s tax returns for corporate and salary taxes
Attending to and assisting clients in preparing for tax inspections
Preparing the necessary appeal defense and tax memorandums with respect to clients’ disputes; and
Attending Internal Committee meetings on behalf of clients, to discuss tax disputes in greater detail
Consulting Services
Feasibility Studies
Our in depth knowledge and vast experience in Egypt equips us with the relevant expertise in reviewing and assessing the feasibility/viability of current and proposed business activities. While carrying out a business analysis, we also pay attention to   its competitive environment and future prospects, which are often a key factor in acquisition investigations, business valuations and corporate restructuring.


Training Courses
for the Business
In recent years, many Egyptian organizations have been devoting more and more resources to staff training. Over the years, we have developed a team of professionals who are not only technically competent, but are also committed to continuous excellence in providing the best training services and external courses. Our lecturers possess the relevant skills/experience in delivering tailor-made courses either in Arabic or English, to suit clients requirements.
Accounting  &
Bookkeeping Support
Our accounting and bookkeeping support division offers high standard professional services to many of our international clients operating in Egypt.
Business Planning
We conduct reviews of businesses to determine the action they should take to become more profitable. These reviews cover significant aspects of marketing strategy, marketing organization, production policy, top management structure, financial policy, management information and reporting.
Business and
Share Valuation
We carry out independent valuations for owners of businesses who are involved in buying and selling shares or assets in a business. Our superior knowledge of the local market conditions enables us to appropriately advise our clients on the significant factors affecting their valuation. We also possess the relevant expertise required to judge and select the most appropriate valuation approach under the prevailing circumstances.
Executive and
Other Recruitment
Our services in this area include determining the experience and qualifications required for the positions, preparing and placing advertisements in the press, short-listing candidates for interviews, conducting interviews and recommending suitable candidates for selection.
Financial Projection
We provide a solid basis for our financial projections through our in depth study and assessment of our client’s past performance, flow of funds, planned objectives and our understanding of the Egyptian Business Environment.
Company Formation
We undertake company formation assignments on behalf of the founders and secure the necessary operating licenses from the different Authorities.
Technical Publications
Our firm provides its clients with technical publications relevant to their industry, at no charge.
Due Diligence & Purchase Investigation
We have provided our expertise to a large number of investors, who engaged us to carry out full scope business, financial and management reviews of companies subject to acquisitions and mergers. Our due diligence reports were used as a basis for share valuation and biding for majority stake in many private and state-owned companies.
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