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Our tax practice is considered to be one of the strongest in Egypt. Our reputation in tax practice is built on a solid foundation and is known for its integrity and high quality services. Our tax experts will work with you to minimize tax burdens and maximize incentives.

we provide the following services to both local and international clients

Regular, well informed and relevant advice on any significant tax matters which may affect our client’s tax returns

Corporate tax consulting and planning

Tax consulting in specialized areas such as salary tax, sales tax, stamp tax, social insurance, and customs

Assistance and advise in answering queries raised by the Egyptian Tax Authorities and representing clients on taxation matters with a view to obtaining final tax clearance

Preparing / reviewing client’s tax returns for corporate and salary taxes

Attending to and assisting clients in preparing for tax inspections

Preparing the necessary appeal defense and tax memorandums with respect to clients’ disputes; and Attending Internal Committee meetings on behalf of clients, to discuss tax disputes in greater detail



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