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Service investment and financial mangement
We offer our advisory services through multiple workgroups that possess multi experiences and skills consisting of financial auditors, tax advisors and experts in various industries to ensure excellence of our advisory services.

1- Consulting corporate finance

Due Diligence

Detailed examination of the company's data to conduct a systematic assessment of future risks and opportunities for the company for merging and acquisitions.
Examination covers financial, commercial, legal, regulatory, environmental and tax matters.

Corporate valuation

Finding the company's value through intensive analysis of its activity, industry trends, growth and development.
A significant date base has been established as a starting point towards the future targeted procedures.
Initial public offering

Aims to offering the company's shares for sale through a public offering for the first time.
It includes re-presentation of financial statements, drafting the prospectus and data processing for the registration of the company in the stock market.

2- Feasibility studies

The estimation of the project's future profits with a focus on the key success factors for the development and failure factors to be avoided.
The multi-experience team is responsible for the implementation of the study and the completion of the following stages:
- The examination of legislation governing the project's work commercially or environmentally.
- Potential market estimation and determination of the level of technology and its components and the size and trends of the market and the level of competition.
- Estimating future sales volume and the preparation of the pricing structure and calculation of expected income.
- Showing the level and quality of their technology and operational processes.
- Calculation of investment spending and operating costs and financial indicators.
- Preparation of practical recommendations to pave the way to the formation  of the project in an appropriate manner  .

3- Market research and planning:

- Getting a deep knowledge of markets, competitors and customers is vital for the success of the company.
- Possessing needed experience and skills in the areas of market studies and examination of product development and customer surveys and competitive analysis.
- The preparation of a comprehensive marketing plan fitted with suitable tools is possible at the market research phase and applicable for increasing the company's sales.

4- The companies establishment and liquidation services :

- The implementation of establishing companies procedures.
- The enrollment in the stock exchange and the Nile stock exchange.  
- The acceptance as companies' liquidators.

5- Financial and administrative systems.

 Financial and administrative systems are considered as infrastructure upon which the company aims to flow processes and documents in a systematic manner to the right person at the right time.

We possess the skills and experience needed to prepare the following systems:

- Organizational hierarchy and job descriptions.
- Financial and accounting systems and costs.
- Salaries and administrative procedures tables.
- Inventory and fixed assets control.

6- Risk Management:

Helping the company in the development of a risk management system designed to identify and assess potential risks and develop procedures to avoid or minimize the effects of these risks according to the needs of each company.

7- Restructuring
Aims to identify and implement a new behaviors and basis that lead to the use of sophisticated ways to different operating and developing the overall efficiency of the activity whether to divide the activity or integrate it into other entities.

8- Outsourcing
Our Human resources are available for our customer service as an external source so that the company's management can focus on the most significant matters that achieves a reduction in fixed costs and the availability of experienced and skilled resources to serve the company through:

- The management and implementation of all bookkeeping operations.  
- The preparation of financial and regulatory reporting.
- Providing consulting services for the company's management.
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