Zarrouk & Co. for Finance and Management Consultancy Services.
Zarrouk & Co for Tax Services.
Zarrouk &Co for Auditing Services.
Zarrouk & Co for Human Resource Services
Purse customers

Currently and previously:
  • Central Bank of Egypt
  • National Bank of Egypt
  • Egyptian Industrial Development Bank
  • Export Development Bank of Egypt
  • Egyptian American Bank (Credit Agricole)
  • Commercial International Bank (CIB)
  • American Express Bank – Egypt Branch
  • Bank of Alexandria
  • Barclays Bank
  • El Watany Bank of Egypt
  • Egyptian Real Estate Bank
  • Misr International Bank
  • Misr Romania Bank
Oil Services Companies
Currently and previously: 
  • Baker Hughes
  • Baker OilTools
  • Baker
  • Telco Oil Field Services International Ltd.
  • IDS
  • Transocean offshore International
  • Santa Fe International
  • Easteman Webstock
  • Exploration Logging Inc.
  • Mobil Petrochemicals
  • Flour Corporation
  • McDermott
  • Santa Fe International Inc. (Egypt)
Industrial Companies
Currently and previously: 
  • Toshiba Al Araby for Engineering Industries
  • Toshiba Al Araby for Trading and Industrial
  • Toshiba Al Araby for Household Appliances
  • Sharp Al Araby for Air Conditioning Industrial
  • Toshiba Al Araby for Lighting Technology
  • New technology for Industry
  • Swiss Pack
  • Ideal Standard (American Standard)
  • Misr Acrylic (American Standard)
  • Egyptian American Industrial Plastic (American Standard)
  • Al Amir for Porcelain and Ceramic Production Co.
  • Al Amir for Sanitary Wares Production Co.
  • Avon Cosmetics
  • Giza for Cables Company
  • Trane (American Standard)
  • Ramsco
  • Egyptian Company for Printing and Publication
  • Family Nutrition
  • Fosroc
  • Vanleer
  • Miracle Company
  • Dar Lotus for Engineering
  • Cubic Egypt
  • Mas Food International

Investment and Brokerage Company
Currently and previously: 

  • Credit Agricole Mutual Fund First
  • Credit Agricole Mutual Fund Second
  • Credit Agricole Mutual Fund Third
  • El Watany Bank Mutual Fund
  • Okaz Stockbrokers and Investment Consultants
  • Okaz Portfolio Management
  • Egyptian Financial Company
  • Dynamic Securities Trading Company
  • Orient Trust (Mutual Fund)
  • Egyptian International Company for Investment
  • Media Art Company
  • DCR Finbi Company
Subcontractors and real estate companies
Currently and previously:
  • El Shams Company Housing and Development
  • Lotus for Real Estate Investment
  • Egyptian European Company for Real Estate Investment
  • Arab Investment Co.
  • Baraka for Commerce and Investment
  • Barkotel for Communication
  • Fontana Company
  • Asetco Company
  • Canadian Engineering Company
  • Balsam Company
  • Arab Investment Company
  • Danilly
Airlines Companies
  • Lotus Air
Movies Production and Distribution Companies
  • Sot El Fan Company
  • Sot El Hob Company
  • Warner prosse Company
Currently and previously:
  • Cable News (CNN)
  • Suzuki Trading
  • CID
  • Techno Egypt
  • New Technology for Trading
  • A.B.C News
  • Alexandria Cement Company (Aselco)
  • Alexandria Company for Navigation
  • A.T. Chems
  • ETAC
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