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Mr/ Medhat El Salawi – Executive Partner - Egypt

- Fellow of the Egyptian society of Accountants and auditors and Egyptian Tax association member.
- Practiced accounting and auditing profession for a period exceeds 35 years at the central auditing agency and E&Y, BDO , Rödl & Partner accounting offices .
- Conducted and directed multiple professional tasks in the field of the field of financial auditing, mutual funds, Industrial companies , contracting , trading activities,    hotels,tourism and aviation businesses .
- Directed multiple studies and financial and managerial consultations especially evaluating, restructuring and merging companies.
- Member of the central bank committee that direct the guidelines of preparing bank's financial statements.
Mr/ Mohamed Mohamed Abdallah Zarrouk-Main Partner – Egypt

- Academically qualified as a bachelor of economics and management holder and professionally qualified as a member of the Egyptian society of legal accountants,  Egyptian tax assembly member and a fellow of the general finance and tax assembly.
- Practiced accounting and auditing profession at BDO and Rödl & Partner accounting offices since 2001.
- As an auditor, he is authorized to sign Joint-stock companies- engaged in and directed many of multi-activities auditing operations and preparing economic and feasibility studies.
- Business sectors which he directs , covers banks, manufacturing, Investing, securities dealings, contracting, and
- Real-estate investment companies and hotels and tourism sectors.   

Mr/ Mohamed Heiba – Tax Consultant

- Fellow of the Egyptian tax assembly and a fellow of the general finance and tax assembly.
- Practiced the profession in the Egyptian tax authority for a period exceeds 29 years till he chaired the technical inspection department. His practical experiences include all finance activities sectors of partnerships and entirely funds companies.
- Works as a tax consultant for price water house companies for finance and tax consultations for a period of 4 years.
- Joined us since 2001 as a tax consultant and he is responsible for all of the tax consultations with our work team.
- Technical permanent committee member. Representing the tax authority at banks union for settling tax issues. He works as an arbitrator in many arbitration committees.
- Functional lecturer at many technical institutes. A main lecturer at the tax center of the tax authority.
Mr/ Sayed Abdel Hamid Karam – Main Partner

- Fellow of certified accountants assembly (FCCA-UK) . Fellow of the Egyptian society of Accountants and auditors.
- Practiced accounting and auditing profession for a period exceeds 35 years at E&y accounting office of United Kingdom,Gulf area and Egypt Also at   BDO , Rödl &  Partner accounting offices .
- His practical experiences covers all economic sectors including banks, mutual funds, contracting, Industrial and commercial sectors and hotels and tourism and petroleum sectors.  
- A Functional Committee member of the central bank of Egypt, Financial Supervision authority and the Egyptian society of accountants and auditors.
- A main lecturer at Egyptian banking institute, a contributor lecturer at the American university-cairo, business men association and the international academy of funding and administration.

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